Dog Aromatherapy

Dog Aromatherapy

As just one example, I’ve noticed that whenever I burn my lavender-scented candle both of my dogs tend to be really calm.

I like to burn this scent at night because it gives me a great calming effect, and it seems to calm my dogs as well. So it’s a win-win.

There are lots of ways to use aromatherapy in your home, in addition to candles.

Essential Oils That Are Best For Dogs

If you’re interested in trying dog aromatherapy, here are 5 popular essential oils that can safely be used with dogs:

  • Lavender – used for calming and soothing plus relieves itching
  • Peppermint – insect repellent, promotes circulation, reduces allergies
  • Niaouli – powerful healing agent that is not likely to irritate the skin
  • German Chamomile – good for burns, stings and allergic reactions
  • Helichrysum – has great anti-inflammatory properties

There are many reasons to try dog aromatherapy.

It can ease pain from cancer, stop diarrhea, and end nausea, among other things.

One good reason to try aromatherapy with your dog is if he is afraid of loud noises (like from fireworks or thunderstorms). The calming effects from certain essential oils can help to relieve your dog’s stress and anxiety during those times.

Reasons To Try Pet Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used to help dogs in the following ways:

  • to tame aggression
  • to lessen the effects of arthritis
  • to ease pain from cancer
  • to decrease coughs, congestion & respiratory problems
  • to help with digestion problems
  • to stop diarrhea
  • to treat dry skin & itching
  • to repel fleas & other insects
  • to help with gingivitis & bad breath
  • to help your pet deal with grief
  • to temper hyperactivity
  • to treat insect bites & stings
  • to help with nervousness & anxiety
  • to end nausea
  • to treat Ringworm
  • to end motion & travel sickness
  • to stop vomiting

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